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The Spa centre, which has always been known as Bagnarello, is situated inside the Stigliano Spa Park, very near the Grand Hotel. The refurbishing, which was completed in 2006, has given a new look to the establishment, and the treatment rooms are now much more comfortable and practical. Natural sulphur-iodic water flows from the many hot springs (at a temperature of from 36 to 56°C) which, mixed to the siliceous clay of the area, is used for mud treatments which are useful for treating rheumatic, inflammatory and post-trauma conditions, metabolic pathologies and skin diseases.
Other treatments include baths and showers, as well as aerosol, inhalation, insufflation, and especially steam treatments in the caves where the vapours released are used to cure skin, respiratory and inflammatory diseases affecting the larynx-pharynx system. The spa establishment is divided into three departments: Inhalations, mud treatments and steam caves. For 2007, the Lazio Region has accredited the June – September period. The Bagnarello staff are outstanding for experience and professional skill.
The medical team includes a group specifically dedicated to anti-age medicine, which is based on preventing aging and the chronic diseases linked to aging, to maintain a good quality of life. The therapeutic strategy, after careful and accurate medical assessment, is developed in two separate, but closely linked, spheres. Health treatments, consisting of prescriptions on lifestyle (correction of eating habits, remedying sleep disturbances), to rebalance fat/thin mass and indications for the future and complementary therapies for chronic diseases.
Aesthetic medicine, aimed at improving the physical aspect, composed of treatments for “skin rejuvenation”, body re-modelling, and maintenance of muscular tone.  The massages are carried out by an expert physiotherapist.
Two different sized open-air spa bathing pools are situated near the establishment, each with water of a different temperature. Inside the swimming pools guests can swim against the current, or practice anti-phlebitis exercises, Kneipp baths, or hydro massage.

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