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Going away from Rome following the North direction, you will arrive at the medieval Village of Ceri, settled on a tufaceous spur of volcanic origin. Its ancient houses facing the tiny central square, tightened around both the Sanctuary of the Virgin Mary and the austere Palace of the noble family Torlonia. A context of  historic and naturalistic interest forms the background of this charming agricultural settlement.
Its typical sceneries, its precious wines and its traditional cooking are all expressions of the Mediterranean flavours of the Maremma Laziale.
Ceri is to be considered as a starting point for noteworthy itineraries, starting from the castles along the seaside of Palo and Santa Severa, ending up at the fortress of Michelangelo and the harbour of Civitavecchia; from the Etruscan necropolis of Cerveteri to the thermal springs; from the naturalistic oasis of Palo and the mountains of Tolfa to the hot springs of Manziana.
Not so far from the borough, about 3 km, there are the beaches of Palidoro, San Nicola and Ladispoli that facing along the Tyrrhenian sea.


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