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In  modern times within “Fraschette” same you can buy groceries and then make a full meal.
la-fraschettaWith this evolution has certainly lost the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAoriginal component that had these places in the past and has given rise to their marketing, although in some cases it is still possible to enjoy the hospitality of these locations the old-fashioned way.
Anyway the Fraschette still are resales of ancient origin where you can taste the wine “dissolved”, sold in jugs of various sizes.
fraschetta3Traditionally each jug had its name: the 2-fraschetta4liter “Mug” or “Barzilai”, named after a Roman politician 800 end use to offer wine in large quantities to his constituents.
The typical menu is in addition to pork, wine and other typical products offered by modern fraschette originate from the gastronomy of Lazio and are mainly composed of salumi, cheeses, fresh and mature cheese and various appetizers, such as olives, olive oils and Vinegars underwater. Other typical products are “Fagioli con le cotiche” (beans with pork) and Porchetta (the central part of the pork’s body) ever present in the Fraschetta menu.
These appetizers are typically served in quantity so abundant that it is possible to order a main course (if available) and even more rarely manage to get to a main course, a very low flow rate found in fraschette.
All these courses obviously refer to the tradition of Roman cuisine, therefore is practically de rigueur on the part of the fraschettaro suggest early classics such as “pasta alla carbonara”, the “amatriciana”, or “angry”.
Often (but increasingly rarely) without a kitchen, currently the fraschette are among the most popular exercises by the inhabitants of the capital (Rome) and its surroundings.
We reccomend the following “Fraschetta”:

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Ariccia, a city of Lazio in the Rome province bordering the province of Latina, continues to prepare the roast according to the ancient Etruscan recipe. Prepare the pork is an art that has been passed from generation to generation: the stage of ligation is a significant cultural element in the packaging of pork Ariccia (The Porchetta).
It ‘a purely manual process, performed with a needle and thread, made ​​in order to give the shape characteristic of the suckling pig and above all must be calibrated to ensure a perfect cooking of meat and maintaining the compactness of pork during and after the firing.
The pork can be eaten hot, but cold is more classic, has a taste of pork seasoned with rosemary, garlic and black pepper and cut the slices are compact and homogeneous, with the fat part well separated from the lean and the outer crust crispy, golden color and savory taste.
The pork is the traditional food of Lazio traveling to festivals and fairs, served with homemade bread and a red wine from this area, such as a Castelli Romani Rosso.

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We reccommend to eat the following courses (Then being ia restaurant ask for these  in your “roman way”):

  • First Courses
    Minestra di Farro; Fregnacce alla Reatina; Bucatini all’ Amatriciana; Spaghetti alla carbonara; Pasta e Ceci;
    Pasta e Fagioli; Penne alla arrabbiata; Tagliatelle alla carrettiera; Fettuccine alla Ciociara; Spaghetti cacio e pepe;
    Fettuccine alla papalina; Minestra con il battuto; Pasta alla Checca; Stracciatelle; Acquacotta alla viterbese;
    Quadrucci e piselli.
  • Second Courses
    Costolette “scottadito”; Abbacchio e capretto brodettato; Abbacchio e capretto arrosto; Fritto alla Romana;
    Saltimbocca; Pajata in umido; Trippa; Coda alla vaccinara; Seppie in umido; Coratella con carciofi; Crostini alla provatura;
    Filetti di Baccalà; Pollo con peperoni; Coppiette al sugo; Pollo alla ciociara; Frittata con le zucchine.
  • Cooked Vegetables
    Fiori di Zucca; Fagioli con le cotiche; Cicoria strascinanata; Funghi arrosto; Piselli al guanciale; Carciofi alla romana;
    Misticanza; Pomodori di riso; Peperoni ripieni; Zucchine ripiene.
  • Sweets, Cake and Candies
    Gelato di ricotta; Frittelle inzuccherate; Tozzetti; Bignè di San Giuseppe; Maritozzi; Amaretti di Guarcino.

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