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Anangni was founded 3000 years ago by people from Asia and Greece, Anagni in the Middle Ages was an important city of culture, politics and religion for its strategic geographic position. Known as the “City of Popes” because birthplace of four major Popes: Innocent III, Gregory IX, Alexander IV and Boniface VIII, was the scene of Anagni specifically religious events.
The prestige of this city is related to the life of Boniface VIII: it is said that the pope was outraged by William of Nogaret and Prince Sciarra Colonna and the French King Philip because he had sent them the famous papal document “Unam Sanctam”.  The episode is known in history as “Slap of Anagni”, quoted by Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, and it happened in the papal palace at Anagni.
The city today is a meeting point for prehistoric research thanks to the discovery of fossils dating back 458,000 years ago. Also important is the finding of fossils in the Etruscan valley of the Sacco and Liri.
Anagni preserved also traces in the Roman city walls built by the technique of “Mura Serviane” that protected the area of ​​the Acropolis.
Places to visit:
– The Cathedral
– The Papal Palace (Palazzo Papale)
– The Town Hall (Palazzo Comunale)
– The House Barnekow
– The Servian Walls or Arcazzi Romans (Mura Serviane)
– The Triptych of the Savior (Trittico del Salvatore)
– The Church of St. James (Chiesa di San Giacomo)


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