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The Monastery of St. Scholastica is built half way up the side of the mountain where two valleys meet and above the place where was the highest of Nero’s lakes. It is the only monastery of the twelve ones wanted by St. Benedict along the valley of the Aniene not to have been destroyed by earthquake or the Saracen invasions.
Till the end of the XII century, it was the only monastery of Subiaco. At the beginning it was called “St. Sylvester”, then, in the IX century, it was dedicated to St. Benedict and St. Scholastica and then, in the XIV century, got the present name. It is a building complex built in different times and styles. The XX-century styled entrance, above which the Benedictine motto “Ora et Labora” is written, leads to the first or Renaissance cloister, which goes back to the XVI century. Through it one enters the second or Gothic cloister, of the XIV century and, passing along there is the third or Cosmatan cloister, which is still more ancient (XIII century).
The bell-tower goes back to the XII century, while the present church to the XVIII one; the latter is the last of five churches built in time. The Fa├žade, which was bombed on 23rd May 1944, has been reconstructed in a sober and austere modern style.


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