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Pope Boniface VIII, who was born in Ciociaria and knew the source and quality of water, so that it was a regular consumer. The praises of water “that cracks the rock” also appear in some letters written by Michelangelo to his nephew Leonardo in 1549. Only in Fiuggi, from the source of Boniface VIII and the Source of Anticolana, this unique mineral water springs, the only one to unite the diuretic properties the ability to “dissolve” and expel kidney stones and prevent their formation, are particularly suitable in the preparation of interventions for urinary stones and postoperative treatment. They are also an effective remedy for urinary tract infections, and because it held that the metabolism of uric acid, gout and prevent the formation of uric acid arthropathy.
The water of Fiuggi is bottled and distributed throughout Italy, but the best way to enjoy its benefits is to drink directly from the source. The waters of Fiuggi waters belong to the group of natural trace minerals. This characteristic is determined by the same tufa formation of the basin of Fiuggi, which, alternating layers of permeable, water filters that are so completely lost minerals.
Extremely effective in detoxifying treatments, they are especially indicated for the prevention and treatment of gout and kidney.

The source of Boniface VIII
The Source Boniface VIII was built at the beginning of the century, in an elegant Art Nouveau style which remains today the only impressive entrance. In the ’60s, in fact, the internal structure was completely renovated by architect Moretti and extends in a game of open and closed spaces, of bold architectural concrete and lush vegetazione.
La Source Boniface VIII to the place prepared by itself, what must be done in the morning on an empty stomach.
Its fountains, scattered in hundreds of large green areas and covered spaces, can simultaneously access up to 25,000 people. The impressive main hall allows, thanks to its heating systems, making the treatment of water in the winter months. But the source is not only a place of care. In addition to fountains and dispensing doctors ‘surgeries, in fact, there is a set of structures designed to make guests’ stay more pleasant: bars, coffee concert, multi-purpose rooms. Around the source extends a park of 80 hectares.
Until the nineteenth water treatments occurred at the source that arose in the place formerly known as the “asparagus”. The local government officials since that time they realized the importance of water and not to send built in this country lost a trough. Always the same water formed a pond full of fish much. In 1870 we were the first refurbishment work on coverage of the source and the first took place in 1890.
The first plant, entitled to Boniface VIII, was built in 1905 and opened in 1911 with nouveau classic structures that have disappeared now given way to the futuristic structure designed by the architect. Luigi Moretti. In fact since 1960 begins the phase of restructuring and expansion of the spa with a modern and functional. The arch. Luigi Moretti and Mario Ingram were able to articulate a harmonious play of open spaces and those covered, sometimes daring walks protected by reinforced concrete and are in the “mushroom” and “Arab tents” eloquent expression of style and modern architecture. The period of the previous structures Umbertino remains only the classic top entry.

The Source Anticolana
The Source Anticolana, also known as “new source” because it opened in the twenties, is most popular during the afternoon. Situated in a lovely location, offers guests some fountain in less, but offers beautiful walks through the gardens and tree-lined avenues of the park facilities.
Among the silver cedar, redwood trees and flowers of all kinds, in fact, there are tennis courts and bowling, mini golf, table tennis, a park and a children’s playroom. And ‘here, too, that is the Theatre of Sources, a stage that annually hosts major musical and cultural events of great prestige. Sources located in an area called “Pantano” feed the Source that extends in a park of 14 hectares. It ‘a huge garden with extraordinary specimens of trees and exotic plants surrounded by forests of chestnut trees, firs and cedars. Equipped with new facilities for recreation, sports and cultural events (including a capable theater), placed in an attractive green area, taste and nineteenth-century tradition.

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