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In the heart of the Sabina region, in a mystic atmosphere of silence stands the Abbey of Farfa. Approaching the Abbey, which is surrounded by fascinating verdant nature.
The Abbey of Farfa is a very fascinating place, full of peacefulness as the Benedectine monks who live there.  In 1928 the Abbey was declared national monument for its architectural and artistic beauty. With its thousand-year history, through periods of splendour and decadence, the Abbey has remained a cultural and spiritual centre thanks to the founders S. Lorenzo Siro and S. Tommaso da Moriana and the Blessed Placido Riccardi and Ildefonso Schuster.
Several kings, emperors and Popes have visited the Abbey throughout the centuries.
Today thousands of visitors admire the cultural and artistic heritage, spending some time or even days in this peaceful place in order to rest their mind and soul. Refreshments are provided.
Walking through the park and the gardens visitors can also admire the small old quaint village of Farfa, property of the Filippo Cremonesi founding, which includes the pretty houses and the workshops run by skilled craftsmen.


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