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This Villa but monument was commissioned by Cardinal Ippolito d’Este in 1510 a.c. to prove his dominance over man and nature.
His builders tore down a part of a Franciscan Monastry and diverted the Aniene river to feed the fountanins and to water the garden.
Nowadays Villa d’Este is still considered one of Italy’s most wonderful sites.
Looking at this monument you will feel a pleasant sensation of peace that come out from the green gardens in summer expecially.
Tivoli, the city close with the villa, is 6 km. far was the place where the emperor Adriano started the works of the villa in the AD 120 AC. After his death the fortun of his villa declined and barbarians sacked it.
The gardens of Villa d’Este is generally considered an  extraordinary context of Tivoli itself for its landscape, art and history which includes the important ruins of ancient villas such as the Villa Adriana, as well as a zone rich in caves and waterfalls displaying the unending and amazing battle between water and stone.


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