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1385970_562519793818402_1496157164_nWe are a group of enthusiasts who seek weekly outing fun and entertainment.
IMG-20140608-WA0004When we are at the starting point we put aside the everyday problems and have fun with friends along the trails of our beautiful land Lazio. During our meeting we are always looking to discover new routes and heavily we remind the spirit of team leaving free our way of biking. We are not competitive athletes we like to call ourselves athletes of our limits .
Obviously we do not do nature walks, but of course we ride always with the spirit of the group and it’s nice at the end of the trail all of us together sharing a moment of relax.
We organize activities both in our area Ladispoli and Cerveteri. In 2014, we have created a school bike with masters of the FCI
Joining our group does not cost anything, just get a mountain bike, a helmet and a minimal desire to ride and surely you will find a way to have fun with us.
If you want to know more please contact us by e-mail villagebikeclub@gmail.com and we’ll give you all the information you need. Visit also our site Village Bike Club

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Villa Clodia is a prestigious late 19th century residence, which can boast an enviable clodia_2016panoramic view of both Lake and Castle Bracciano and of the ancient Roman Aqueduct of Traiano.
It is splendidly set in the quiet centre of Manziana, a stone’s throw from the railway station on the Rome-Viterbo line (FM3): an ideal starting point to set out on the discovery of the neighbouring area with the Etruscan Necropolis of Cerveteri and a beautiful wood with picnicking.
The villa, which can be rented for exclusive use, has 11 comfortable rooms made more precious by elegant antique furniture and rich fabrics. Villa Clodia is also the ideal location for any sort of event, thanks to its charming restaurant, air-conditioned wide hall, cosy outdoors facilities and refined arrangements; high quality service and careful choice of products are a guarantee of success for wedding receptions, meetings and gala dinners. The refinement and pleasant quiet of the place are matched by the helpful attitude of the owners.

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Starting from Rome and going in the north direction along Via Aurelia, you will arrive after 40 Km in Cerveteri, where you will find the most famous attraction of this city that is the Necropoli della Banditaccia, which has been declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site together with the necropoleis in Tarquinia. It covers an area of 400 ha, of which 10 ha can be visited, encompassing a total of 1,000 tombs often housed in characteristic mounds. The necropolis is a city of the dead. It is the largest ancient necropolis in the Mediterranean area.
The most ancient ones are in the shape of a pit, in which the ashes of the dead were housed; also simple potholes are present.
From the Etruscan period are two types of tombs: the mounds and the so-called “dice”, the latter being simple square tombs built in long rows along “roads”.
The mounds are circular structures built in tuff, and the interiors, carved from the living rock, house a reconstruction of the house of the dead, including a corridor, a central hall and several rooms. Modern knowledge of Etruscan daily life is largely dependent on the numerous decorative details and finds from such tombs. The most famous of these mounds is the so-called Tomba dei Rilievi , identified from an inscription as belonging to one Matunas and provided with an exceptional series of frescoes, bas-reliefs and sculptures portraying a large series of contemporary life tools. Etruscan phallic symbols. “Cippi” indicating that tomb occupants were male.
Most finds excavated at Cerveteri necropolis are currently housed in the National Etruscan Museum, Rome. Others are in theArchaeologicalMuseum at Cerveteri itself.

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Going away from Rome following the North direction, you will arrive at the medieval Village of Ceri, settled on a tufaceous spur of volcanic origin. Its ancient houses facing the tiny central square, tightened around both the Sanctuary of the Virgin Mary and the austere Palace of the noble family Torlonia. A context of  historic and naturalistic interest forms the background of this charming agricultural settlement.
Its typical sceneries, its precious wines and its traditional cooking are all expressions of the Mediterranean flavours of the Maremma Laziale.
Ceri is to be considered as a starting point for noteworthy itineraries, starting from the castles along the seaside of Palo and Santa Severa, ending up at the fortress of Michelangelo and the harbour of Civitavecchia; from the Etruscan necropolis of Cerveteri to the thermal springs; from the naturalistic oasis of Palo and the mountains of Tolfa to the hot springs of Manziana.
Not so far from the borough, about 3 km, there are the beaches of Palidoro, San Nicola and Ladispoli that facing along the Tyrrhenian sea.

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As follow there are the names and the production area  of Latium Wines:

CESANESE di Affile doc (registered in 29/05/73)
-Production area : Valle dell’Aniene

ALEATICO DI GRADOLI doc (registered in 21/06/72)
-Production area: Lago di Bolsena

APRILIA  doc (registered in 22/11/7)
-Production area: Aprilia and Latina

ATINA doc (registered in 26/04/99)
-Production area: Ciociaria

BIANCO CAPENA doc (registered in 19/05/75)
-Production area: Sabina

CASTELLI ROMANI doc (registered in 04/11/96)
-Production area: Colli Albani

CERVETERI doc (registered in 30/10/74)
-Production area: Cerveteri, Allumiere, Civitavecchia, Ladispoli, Santa Marinella and Tolfa

OLEVANO ROMANO  doc (registered in 29/05/73)
-Production area: Valle del Sacco and Genazzano.

CIRCEO doc (registered in 14/06/96 )
-Production area: Agro Pontino, Circeo, Latina, Sabaudia, San Felice Circeo and Terracina.

COLLI ALBANI doc (registered in 06/08/70)
-Production area: Lago di Albano, Ariccia, Castelgandolfo, Lanuvio and Pomezia

COLLI DELLA SABINA doc (registered in 10/09/96) 
-Production area: Cantalupo in Sabina, Castelnuovo di Farfa, Collevecchio, Fara in Sabina, Forano, Magliano Sabina , Montebuono, Montopoli Sabina, Selci, Stimigliano, Poggio Catino, Poggio Mirteto, Tarano and  Torri in Sabina

COLLI ETRUSCHI VITERBESI doc (registered in 11/09/96)
-Production area: Viterbo,Vitorchiano, Bomarzo, Graffignano, Celleno, Civitella d’Agliano, Bagnoregio, Castiglione in Teverina, Lubriano, Vetralla, Blera, Villa San Giovanni in Tuscia, Barbarano Romano, Vejano, Oriolo Romano, Monte Romano, Tuscania, Arlena di Castro, Tessennano, Canino, Cellere, Piansano, Ischia di Castro, Farnese, Valentano, Latera, Onano, Proceno, Acquapendente, Grotte di Castro, Gradoli, Capodimonte, Marta, Montefiascone, Bolsena, San Lorenzo Nuovo, Orte e Bassano in Teverina.

COLLI LANUVINI doc (registered in 08/02/71)
-Production area: Colli Albani and Genzano di Roma.

CORI doc (registered in 11/08/71)
-Production area: Colli Albani and Cori.

EST ! EST!! EST!!! DI MONTEFIASCONE doc (registered in 03/03/66)
-Production area: Lago di Bolsena, Capodimonte, Marta, Grotte di Castro, Gradoli and San Lorenzo Nuovo.

FRASCATI doc (registered in 03/03/96)
-Production area: Colli Albani, Frascati ,Colonna, Montecompatri, Monteporzio Catone and Grottaferrata.

GENAZZANO doc (registered in 26/06/92)
-Production area: Valle del Sacco, Genazzano, San Vito Romano and Paliano

MARINO doc (registered in 06/08/70)
-Production area: Colli Albani, Marino and Castelgandolfo.

MONTECOMPATRI-COLONNA doc (registered in 19/10/87)
-Production area: Colli Albani, Valle del Sacco, Colonna and Montecompatri.

NETTUNO doc (registered in 08/05/03)
-Production area: Nettuno and Anzio.

ORVIETO doc (registered in 07/08/71)
-Production area: Valle del Tevere , Orvieto(Umbria), Castiglione in Teverina, Civitella D’Agliano, Graffignano, Lubriano and Bagnoregio.

PIGLIO (Cesanese del Piglio) docgg (one of the best latium wines)
-Production area: Ciociaria , Valle del Sacco, Piglio, Acuto, Anagni, Paliano and Serrone.

TARQUINIA doc (registered in 09/08/96)
-Production area: Tarquinia, Blera, Barbarano Romano, Montalto di Castro, Oriolo Romano, Sutri, Bassano Romano, Villa San Giovanni in Tuscia, Vejano, Tessennano, Tuscania, Monteromano, Ronciglione, Arlena di Castro, Capranica, Allumiere, Tolfa, Bracciano, Cerveteri, Ladispoli, Civitavecchia, Santa Marinella, Canale Monterano, Manziana, Trevignano Romano, Anguillara Sabazia, Roma, Campagnano, Fiumicino and  Formello.

VELLETRI doc (registered in 31/03/72)
-Production area: Colli Albani, Velletri and Lariano.

VIGNANELLO doc (registered in 14/11/92)
-Production area: Tuscia Viterbese, Vignanello, Bassano in Teverina, Corchiano, Fabrica di Roma, Gallese, Soriano del Cimino and Vasanello.

ZAGAROLO doc (registered in 29/05/73)
-Production area: Monti Prenestini, Zagarolo and Gallicano.

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