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Green asparagus from Canino is a type of vegetable that can be eaten fresh or frozen. It is grown in the municipality of Canino and to a lesser extent in the municipalities of Montalto di Castro, Tessennano, Arlena di Castro and Tuscania. What makes the asparagus from Canino special is its bright green colour and above all the absence of the woody part of the stalk which is generally discarded. This peculiarity has earned the asparagus the name of mangiatutto (translates as “eat all”). Its organoleptic characteristics depend on the type of soil, chalky or of volcanic origin, and on the mild and temperate climate. Indeed, the temperature in winter only drops below zero on a few days and during the summer it generally remains between twenty-five and thirty-two degrees. And it is thanks to this favourable climate that the asparagus from Canino is ready earlier than in other locations (it is picked as from January) and this makes it possible to obtain a large, excellent quality harvest.
In order to sample this delicious vegetable and get to know how to cook it in various ways, pay a visit to Canino in April when the Asparagus Festival is held. The stands set up for the event allow you to taste a host of asparagus-based dishes, ranging from first courses and main courses to side dishes and sweets.

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In Canino(Viterbo) you will find the OLEIFICIO SOCIALE COOPERATIVO DI CANINO where the extra virgin-oil is producted
directly from the producer to the consumer.
The OSCC Cooperative was set up in 1965 by a group of local oil producers and now has over 1200 members with in excess of 260,000 olive trees growing on roughly 3,350 hectares in the local area.
The olives are protected against parasites thanks to integrated pest management treatment (IPM), harvested in October-December and pressed in the cooperative’s high-tech plant with daily output of 3.45 tons. Certification: D.O.P. Canino (1263/96/EC).
Canino is a mainly agricultural town in a pollution-free area, of great ecological and natural beauty.
Every year the locals celebrate the olive harvest in early December with stands offering you the chance to taste the extra-virgin oil of Canino. Just to know that The OSCC opens its doors for guided visits!

Suggested accomodation around this area is BOLSENA FLAT : http://www.romahappydays.com/lake-bolsena-flat/

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At the Nature Park, visitors can see the archaeological excavations of the ancient city of Etruscan-Roman volcano, noble Etruscan tombs, the exhibits in the National Archaeological Museum, all surrounded by unspoiled nature traits, which offers color, sound and different emotions .The canyon formed by the dark volcanic rock carved by the waters of Fiora, the plateau populated by the majestic Maremma cows and wild horses, and the lush vegetation along the banks of the river, shelter boar, hares, porcupines, and in spring, the sky from the many colorful rainbows of bee-eaters .

Visitors can choose to enjoy nature and history of Vulci walking calmly along one of the pathways reported: the short course (km.2, 300), the full path or (Km.3, 500), the nature trail (1.500 km) without losing the Laghetto del, “must see” for each path.

A few meters from the Park there are the picturesque Bridge of the Abbey and the National Museum of Archaeology of the Castle of the Badia (the state museum is closed on Mondays)

Also on the opposite bank of the Fiora, is also the Eastern Necropolis, with the François Tomb and  the Tomb of the Inscriptions. It’s  necessary to visit these tombs, the reservation is made by telephone within 48 hours of request to date. Call then:  +39.766.879729 – 766.89298. Alternatively, the organization from the Spring Park – guided tours of the Eastern Necropolis with a schedule of events posted on the agenda (in this case the reservation is required only for groups)

In addition to the accompanying planning Necropolis Eastern Park organizes guided tours of the excavations of the Etruscan-Roman city, at the National Etruscan Museum and the path archeotrekking, bulls and laboratories for schools.

Starting in the spring and all summer the Park organizes a calendar of events, including guided tours at night, horse riding, sports, archery, hiking sensory, canoeing etc.

At the Locanda del Parco , the point inside the Park restaurant, you can taste the traditional dishes of the Maremma.

Suggested accommodation for this area : TARQUINIA ROOMS

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