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This bread has its origin in the nineteenth century: in 1825, by Pope Leo XIII, were opened in the cities of Tolfa and Allumiere several ovens for the making of bread.
pane-di allumiereEven today in Allumiere, where there is a wood-burning oven dating back to 1870, the old bakers handed down to their children the art of “couple” a piece of pasta broken in two and shaped by hand, rounded and then hung up. This procedure gives the bread the traditional look with a cut in the middle.
This type of bread gets its name from the characteristic durum wheat flour (semolina) with which it is produced. It is prepared without the use of salt, according to the tradition of bread making Tuscia, and its rise occurs with yeast. The mixture is then baked in wood-fired ovens, fired with chestnut.
This gives the bread baking process the typical fragrance, which lasts for several days after baking. The loaf has a variable size from 1.5 to 2 kg. Bread, soft and low, has the crumb of the characteristic yellow color, with a fine grain and uniform with a persistent aroma of cereals.
Every year in October, the town held a festival dedicated to this bread.


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Here it is a photo-gallery of basic sandwiches(panini) to taste with the most common product that you can find and buy in any grocery store in Latium. These are : Parmigiano (Parmesan), Salame (Salami), Rucola (vegetables), Stracchino(soft cheese), Gorgonzola(cream cheese),  Mortadella, Tonno(Tuna), Mozzarella, Vegetables, Prosciutto Crudo/Cotto (ham), Pancetta(Bakon) and Maionese(Mayonnaise).

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The Volpetti brothers, originally from Norcia, in Umbria, have been operating from 1973 as a food specialty shop at Via Marmorata in Rome.
With their own family traditions, they were able to create a fantastic place for those who are passionate for eating well, with original products and those that come from all over the world. There is not only an infinite variety of cheese and salami but also a large selection of high quality breads and desserts (rigorously made by hand), pizza, plates to go, conserves, honey, dried mushrooms, fresh truffles, a good selection of fine wines and a variety of hand-made pastas. If needed they will vacuum pack the items you are buying for your travel back. The products that one finds in the shop are always under the constant eye of Claudio and Emilio. Clients are welcomed with appreciation and full attention, always treated in the best manner. Here it is possible to rediscover the enjoyment of the classic tastes, the appreciation of the particular attention that Volpetti dedicates to the traditions and to those treasured products, almost long forgotten. Other than the selection and care of our products, the traditional activity of the store, we created a space for the production of our own gourmet dishes. The last addition, Volpetti Più, is a self-service pizzeria, where you can enjoy a fast pasta dish, but of high quality, and for dinner, the best pizza-by-the-slice and dishes of salami and cheeses are served. The major inspiration of all this activity is the ‘style’ (the philosophy) of Volpetti: to rediscover the ancient flavors and to create a culture of eating well.

Address: Via Marmorata, 47 – 00153 Roma
Call: 0039.06.574 2352
Web site: www.volpetti.com

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