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The PIETRO MICCA is the oldest italian triple-expansion steam-powered merchant ship and is in a class of her own for her state of preservation and operational performance, having been engaged in regular port activities on a par with modern tugs until 1993.

She was built as a sea-going steam tugboat by Rennoldson & Son, in Southshields, Newcastle (GB) and in 1905 was registered as a steam-powered tug, Schooner Class, in the Coastal Sector Register in Naples, in whose waters she was to spend most of her days.

A life fulfilled in the world of work and all that it entails: ships and seamen from distant lands with tales and legends of cargoes and the knowledge that a frayed cable could cost lives, that a tow badly aligned could cause a ship to capsize. It is memories like these which amply justify the over a century aged Pietro Micca’s honest pride.

And even today she has not been pensioned off. At the beginning of 1996 she was bought by the “Associazione Amici delle Navi a Vapore G. L. Spinelli” (the G.L. Spinelli “Friends of Steamships Association”), in order to save a part of our cultural heritage from certain demolition and make her still valid services available to the public.
The Pietro Micca is always ready and waiting to put to sea again to work for her future, as historical witness of the old technology. Nowadays the Pietro Micca is mooring in Fiumicino (Rome) inside the TECNOMAR shipyard and ready for new adventures.

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From April 2003, you can admire the view of Rome from the Tiber, immersed in the heart of the Eternal City, in a single environment, to live an unforgettable experience taking the boats that across our city river. A tourist product, sponsored by the Municipality of Rome, which can be considered an important news of international tourism in Rome. The boats do the following itineraries:

  • Hop-on Hop-off Cruise – Ticket 15,00 Euro/person
  • Dinner cruise – Ticket 58,00 Euro/person
  • Wine Bar cruise – Ticket 39,00 Euro/person

The starting point of boarding  along the Tiber are: Ponte Nenni, Ponte Sant’Angelo and Isola Tiberina. The boats are:

Rea Silvia
Scope passengers: 66 (types of proceedings: armchairs), Broken down depending on the type of product: 66 seats for cruises commented From 45 to 66 seats for dinner (in tables 4 / 5 or 6 people)
• Services: toilets, bar, plant for voice and music piped sound

Agrippina Maggiore:
Scope passengers: 50 (types of proceedings: armchairs and chairs) Broken down depending on the type of product: 35 seats for cruises commented diurnal 50 seats up for dinner (tables 2 or 4 people)
• Services: toilets, bar, plant voice and music.
Passenger Flow: 170/180 (types of proceedings: benches) 75 seats covered in the hall (4 for 16 central tables and benches people perimeter boat without tables 50 upper deck seats discovered (with tables) 45 posts discovered bow / stern perimeter lower deck
• Services: toilet, point refreshment bar with voice and music facility, access for disabled

• Scope passengers: 120 (types of sessions: chairs oriented back / front)
• Services: planting voice

Livia Drusilla

• Services: Voice and music facility, access for disabled

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For the foot sore, there’s another way to experience Rome’s romantic beauty by letting yourself glide on the waters of the Tiber with your other half. Starting from Ponte Duca d’Aosta and ending on Isola Tiberina and back, you will see some of the city’s jewels, such as Saint Peter’s or the Gianicolo, from an unusual standpoint, while in the middle of the river Tiber, framed by white marble banks and tall lime trees. And for the helplessly romantic, night cruises are also available during the summer, some of which include dinner on board. For more information visit the website www.battellidiroma.it

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