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The Palidoro Villa is really fine furnished with a large private garden outside and a spacious living-room with kitchen inside.
The villa is available up to 4 persons. Basic price for 1  or 4 persons (for the whole apartment) 60,00 euro/day. Inside there are 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms located one on the land floor and the second on the second floor.
The position of this villa is just 200mt. far from the railway station Torre in Pietra-Palidoro.
To reach this station by train from Rome, it’s possible to start from Termini Station or Trastevere Station, and in 25 minutes you can reach this accommodation.
If you use a car, take from Rome the Via Aurelia, direction for  Torre in Pietra. The villa has a large free park just attached with it.
This villa is the best solution for people who like to spent summer holidays or people that have to stay closed with Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù for healt reasons about child. Infact the hospital Bambino Gesù is just 4,9 km. far from the villa.
The beachside is just 4 km.far and it’s really amazing with a likely white sand. Along the beachside you will find restaurants and bath-house just organized for kids facilities. 

Direct booking by credit card at: http://www.romahappydays.com/palidoro-villa/
Italian Version (pagina web in Italiano): http://www.romahappydays.com/ospedale-pediatrico-bambino-gesu/


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At Ladispoli, just 40 km far from Rome, is the oasis of the Palo, born in 1980, with WWF and the Princes Odescalchi, who are the owners of the area. This nature reserve is close with the beachside of Ladispoli and with the Castle Odescalchi.
This area has the advantage of having kept its value intact natural forests one of the last remaining lowland wet on the coast, once extended all along the Tyrrhenian Sea. Oaks, cedars, maples, oaks, but also smaller, flowering ash, ciavardelli are trees that present themselves to those who want to enter into this environment once called “jungle”, impenetrable, dangerous but at the same time, fascinating.
For a long time used as a hunting reserve, when Pope Leo X was used to kill deer and fallow deer, the oasis, today, remains the only “reserve” where foxes, porcupines, badgers, but also skunks, weasels and hedgehogs, can be found refuge. But the oasis of Palo is also the place where many birds can make a stop along their migratory routes or stop to nest. Nightingales, Rigoli, long-tailed tits and great tits, in fact, build their nests in the foliage of oak trees, and horned, barn owls and tawny owls at night they move to capture prey for their young.

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