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Roma Express is a transport by train really new and useful for people arriving in inside-romexCivitavecchia Port by cruising ship such as romexCosta Crociere , Msc Crociere, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, P&O, Holland Cruise Line, Norvegian Cruise Line and so on. After disembarkation (assisted by Ground Operator) you will reach Rome from Civitavecchia Port by private Train “Rome Express” a private, comfortable, fast and luxury train, the new and exclusive way for cruise guests to discover the eternal city. Enjoy a ride through the marvellous countryside delighted by classical music.
You’ll assisted by an escort who will help you on board of train and will hand out city-maps.
The train will stop in St. Peter’s Station, near the town centre so that it will be easy for you to reach the main monuments. You have to bear in mind the place where you are dropped off because the train will leave for Civitavecchia from the same station. Roma Express will take you back to Civitavecchia. A courtesy service may be offered on board under request.
It’s possible to have special solutions adding some tours in Rome with the transfer of Rome Express.
The technical data of the train are:

  • 5 Self-propelled Cars (rail coaches)
  • 380 seats – 2 engines per car (280 hp each)
  • Maximum speed: 90 miles/h
  • Maximum security standards – Maximum safety standards
  • 1 compartment with 40 seats
  • 1 compartment with 36 seats
  • 1 toilet – Facility for hospitality services
  • Indipendent sound system in each   compartment
  • American standard air conditioning

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From April 2003, you can admire the view of Rome from the Tiber, immersed in the busboatheart of the Eternal City, in a single environment, to live an unforgettable experience. A high quality tourist product, sponsored by the Municipality of Rome, which can be considered one of the biggest news of international tourism.
It’s a great way to enjoy Rome and move effortlessly around the city, especially in high season. The combined ticket offers a perfectly planned route of Rome’s major sites coupled with the absolute freedom to alight and re-board the bus or boat as you wish for a 48-hour validity.
This combined ticket offers to the customers to purchase a special option including:
48-hour ticket hop-on hop-off Rome Open Tour
48-hour ticket Tourist River Tiber Cruise
Buy the tickets on www.battellidiroma.com

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There are 8 railway lines that start from Rome in the direction of important city located from the north to the west of Latium.
These are:

  • FR1 = Orte – Roma – Fiumicino Aeroporto
  • FR2 = Roma Tiburtina – Lunghezza – Tivoli
  • FR3 = Roma Ostiense – Cesano di Roma – Viterbo Porta Fiorentina
  • FR4 = Roma Termini – Frascati – Albano Laziale – Velletri
  • FR5 = Roma Termini – Civitavecchia
  • FR6 = Roma Termini – Frosinone – Cassino
  • FR7 = Roma Termini – Formia
  • FR8 = Roma Termini – Nettuno

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Other amazing experinces to do in Rome are the Tram Restaurant and tha Tram Jazz.
The Tram Restaurant
does not only have daily scheduled departures in the city centre, it also can be rented for exclusive use, for surprise parties, business lunch or meetings, weddings, birthdays, christenings, graduation parties and many other forms of entertainment. So it will be possible to offer to one’s guests a nice surprise, the only one in its kind, organized in an original way and in a very careful and comfortable atmosphere.
The tram are provides you with all the confort: air conditioned/heating, toilet, CD stereo system and microphone, kitchen with refrigerator, washbasin and top support and chest of drawers wardrobe.
Possible routes starting from Porta Maggiore go trough Coliseum or Piazza delle Belle Arti.
Doing Tram Jazz a
romantic night city tour taking place on a tramway coach from the twenties would drive the visitors through the most charming scenarios of Rome.
The dinner, prepared with tipically dop and igp italian food together with the best Latium wines, will be served during an intermezzo a Parco del Celio with the exclusive sightseeing of the Colosseo by night.
The entire journey will be accompanied by the most beautiful arias of the opera performed by professional lyrical artists. Each days differents artist playing songs with piano, sax, guitars, trumpets, drums, clarinets and contrabass.

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From April 2003, you can admire the view of Rome from the Tiber, immersed in the heart of the Eternal City, in a single environment, to live an unforgettable experience taking the boats that across our city river. A tourist product, sponsored by the Municipality of Rome, which can be considered an important news of international tourism in Rome. The boats do the following itineraries:

  • Hop-on Hop-off Cruise – Ticket 15,00 Euro/person
  • Dinner cruise – Ticket 58,00 Euro/person
  • Wine Bar cruise – Ticket 39,00 Euro/person

The starting point of boarding  along the Tiber are: Ponte Nenni, Ponte Sant’Angelo and Isola Tiberina. The boats are:

Rea Silvia
Scope passengers: 66 (types of proceedings: armchairs), Broken down depending on the type of product: 66 seats for cruises commented From 45 to 66 seats for dinner (in tables 4 / 5 or 6 people)
• Services: toilets, bar, plant for voice and music piped sound

Agrippina Maggiore:
Scope passengers: 50 (types of proceedings: armchairs and chairs) Broken down depending on the type of product: 35 seats for cruises commented diurnal 50 seats up for dinner (tables 2 or 4 people)
• Services: toilets, bar, plant voice and music.
Passenger Flow: 170/180 (types of proceedings: benches) 75 seats covered in the hall (4 for 16 central tables and benches people perimeter boat without tables 50 upper deck seats discovered (with tables) 45 posts discovered bow / stern perimeter lower deck
• Services: toilet, point refreshment bar with voice and music facility, access for disabled

• Scope passengers: 120 (types of sessions: chairs oriented back / front)
• Services: planting voice

Livia Drusilla

• Services: Voice and music facility, access for disabled

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Italian named “Freccia Rossa” , “Freccia Argento” and “Freccia Bianca” – Red Arrow, Silver Arrow  and White Arrow are the high speed trains that connect the main italian cities. Of course the starting point is Rome, that’s mean Termini Station in the center of Rome. These trains was built, created by ANSALDO BREDA Group one of the most important tecnological industrial group in Italy. In technical language the trains are named ETR500 and ETR600. Both
trains can reach the high speed of 300Km/hour.
It this way from Rome you can reach: Venice in 3,5 hours, Milan in 3 hours, Florence in 1,5 hours, Naples in 1 hour, Sorrento in 3 hours, Bari in 4 hours, Lecce in 5,5 hours.
The trains are comfortable with ADSL WIFI connection and restaurants services as well. If you like you can by tickets on line by website of Trenitalia.it .
Special promotions and prices are realized from Trenitalia for women and kids, such as “FRECCIA ROSA”. More info in the website.

Suggested accommodation for this area (Termini Station): NAZIONALE FLAT

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Price per unit: € 25,00

Roma Pass, which is sponsored by Rome City Council and the Ministry for thThe Colosseume Arts and Cultural activities, in collaboration with ATAC, the public transport company, is the capital’s special tourist-cultural card that enables both tourists and interested local residents, the opportunity to benefit from various discounts and services that make it easier and cheaper to enjoy the splendours of Rome.

  • Free entry to the first 2 visited museums and / or archaeological sites of your choice
  • Reduced ticket prices to all other museums and / or archaeological sites visited thereafter
  • Free use of the city’s public transport network (urban buses and trains, Underground lines A and B, Met.Ro trains: Roma – Lido, Roma – Viterbo for the Roma – Sacrofano section, Roma – Pantano railways lines within the urban territory of the City of Rome) Trenitalia trains and Cotral buses are not included.
  • Discounted tickets to exhibitions, events and other collaborating operators and businesses.
  • Reduced charges for use of the On-call Multi-lingual Medical Service for Tourists (MET Travel Health)
  • Tourist cultural service Roma Informa.

At the Colosseum a reserved turnstile is available for Roma Pass holders to get direct access to the monument

In the kit::

  • The Roma Pass card: the card used to visit museums / archaeological sites and on the public transport system as described above.
  • Roma MAP: A map featuring all the Tourist Information Points, Metro stations, museums and other sites of interest (complete with addresses, tel. no’s opening times and nearest bus stops and metro stations);
  • Roma Pass Guide: The guide to all participating museums and sites;
  • Roma News: a programme detailing all the events and services for tourists offering discounts, divided by type: art, dance, music, theatre, reviews, exhibitions, panoramic tours, as well as tourist services at the Lido in Ostia and MET Travel Health
  • Roma Informa: the card that provides details of how to access information on events and other useful services via internet

How to use it:

  • The overleaf form must be filled with name, surname and validation date
  • the card is valid for three days and  is activated at the time of the  first entry to the museums/sites, or at the first journey on public transport, up until  midnight  of the third day, including the day of the activation
  • It is validated on the first visited site/museum or the first journey on the city’s public transport network
  • Direct access for the first 2 sites. From the 3rd site onwards please apply to the ticket office for discount;
  • It must be produced along with your identity papers when required by the staff in charge

Roma Pass Travel Health MET
By calling the multilingual CALL CENTER, available 24 hours a day, it is possible to:

  • Ask information about public and private medical facilities available throughout the city
  • Receive information regarding location, address, telephone number and method of access to the Public Healthcare Facilities that are closest or most appropriate for the resolution of health related problems
  • Activate, after explicit request, the medical assistance services (house-call visits, diagnostic services, specialty services, ambulance services), provided by Travel Health MET to Roma Pass holders at discounted fees

When purchasing the card, please ensure that you ask about further discounts/free services that may be available for people of a certain age and/or nationality and/or place of residence and/or profession.

Please note that most museums are generally closed on Mondays (with the exception of the Colosseum and the Baths of Caracalla). We advise you to check in advance.

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In Rome we have 2 metro line “A” and “B” and different lines for railway and buses.
Metrio “A” and “B” start the service at 05.30 am and stops at 11.30 pm. Friday and Saturday these services stop at 01.30 am.
Railway Roma – Ostia Lido start at 05.18 am and stops at 11.30 pm.
Tickets for Rome services are:
BIT: 1 euro/person valid 75 minutes
BIG: 4 euro/person unlimited travel with any public transport for 24 hours
BTI: 11 euro/person valid for 3 days of unlimited travel
CIS: 16 euro/person valid 7 days of unlimited travel
Instead if you like to move out of Rome by public transport you can buy the ticket BIRG and the cost of this ticket depends on the zones selected to use.
Price start from 6 euro/person.

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