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10150560_10204363121225849_628401826467673021_nRoxy Deva starts from observing nature and its proportions to develope an introspective artistic reflection in which nature itself mirrors and transforms.
She prefers the instability in its perpetual movement and represents it through mixed graphic-digital techniques combined with mathematics.
The intent of the work of Roxy Deva is to make the observer aware of, both conceptually and technically, the motion and the instability of things which are a dominant in our lives.
Her works are born initially from manual drawing, pen graphics and post-processing using mixed digital techniques. They provide a mirror to our world through a dynamic language, on the border between abstraction and figuration.
Since she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, she’s been interested in multimedia and new languages of art.

The Roxy Deva works links are founded in Artrom Network,  Facebook and WordPress as:

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francy-tortaFrancesca Speranza is a friends of mine she is a cake-designer and take love and passion from her works.
She said: LEAVE A MARK OF MY PASSAGE. A DIFFERENT MARK…. BECAUSE IT’S MINE . This is the lifemotive that pushes me to experiment with techniques and materials. I was born in Leghorn 36 years ago, but I grew up in the artistic and ancient Rome where I studied Graphic, Illustration and Advertising. The passion for all that is Creative has always been with me … I call it the gift. Drawings drive me to Peter Pan’s Neverland: dreaming and standing for eternal youth, in order to be able to naturally express my emotions. The colors used as transparent veils, a technique taken from porcelain painting, the love for the roses and the perfect combination ART-KITCHEN have been the engine for the project Farina Zerosette, where painting is made on fondant and frosting with food colors and margarine on funds lacquered. A mix of materials and techniques merging two worlds where the imperative is.. Creating!

The site of Francesca is https://www.facebook.com/FarinaZerosette where you can se the referals and images of her talent.

Then have a look and do not forget that we are proud to talk about about our latium citizenz and their handcraft.

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