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It ‘s a farmland with human millennial activities, still natural forests, animal and plant populations of great value and historical sites of great interest are present nowdays.
A network of trails makes it easy to get around. It is recommended the respect of the environment. Its possible to use the mountain-bike as welle it’s reccomended to visit the wonderful reserve by foot. There are 630 plant species more than half of those known to the whole of Rome.
The Insugherata is located in the North-West of Rome, just a few kilometers from the center.
It is bordered to the east by the Via Cassia, west of Via Trionfale, south of Via Cortina d’Ampezzo, the GRA ring road crosses the viaduct to the north.

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For family, teenager and for fun you will find swimming pools, water slides, streams passable by canoe, whirlpool baths, ocean waves, Toboggan and Kamikaze those are the fantastic attraction of aquatic parks in latium!

Zoomarine (Torvaianica – Rome)
A marine park situated in Lazio’s seacoast and far 25 Km from Rome. Zoomarine, inaugurated in 2005, inspires at Sea World american parks: water shows, educational proposal, swimming pools with slides, rides and more over. Every day Zoomarine offers to the public six different shows: the island of dolphins, the bay of pinnipeds, the wood of parrots, the land of raptors and the galleon of plunders.
Web Site: Zoomarine

Hydromania (Casal Lumbroso – Rome)
You’ll find swimming pools, water slides and water games. The attractions of the park are the kamikaze, the Tobbogan, the water slides and the swimming pool with artificial waves. The park offers the opportunity to spend a relaxing and a refreshing day.
Web Site: Hydromania

Aquafelix (Civitavecchia – Rome)
Swimming pools, water slides, streams passable by canoe, hydro, water games, rides and shows. You can spend wonderful days in the sun or under the shade of trees in a hilly area located a few meters from the sea.
Web Site: Acquafelix

Aquapiper (Guidonia – Rome)
One of the biggest aquatic park in Italy. Olympic swimming pools with ocean waves, water slides, whirlpool baths, children’s pool and playrooms. Free Parking.
Web Site:Acquapiper

Acquapark (Itri – Latina)
The park allows you to combine a hilly setting with the sea view. Swimming pools, water slides, fountains, sun beds and umbrellas are available for you to spend an unforgettable day.
Web Site:Acquapark

Scivosplash (Latina)
An aquatic park just a few minutes from the center of Latina. The hotel has a pool, a lagoon baby, numerous water slides, a whirlpool bath, a relaxation pool, a sunroof and a staff of animation.
Web Site: Scivosplash

Miami Beach (Latina)
To enjoy yourself and having fun during the summertime ther’s Miami Beach, an aquatic park just outside the city of Latina at only 30 minutes by car from the Rome and 20 minutes from Circeo.
The structure is a part of a complex distributed in 3 areas which covers an area of 100,000 square meters.
Web Site: Miami Beach

Hawaii Park (Cassino)
This park is adjacent to ‘”Hotel Rocca”. You can find a wave pool, an olympic pool, two pools dedicated to children, a multi-track to go with rubber boats, two Toboggans, a Kamikaze and so on.
Web Site : Hawaii Park

Park Club (Frosinone)
This park is open every day of the year thanks to swimming and tennis lessons. During the summer is a great aquatic park called “Aquapark Ciociaria”and has typical attractions such as Kamikaze, three Tobbogan Slides (2 open air and one fully closed) and another small Kamikaze dedicated to the childern. In addition to the classical wave pool, there is cute lagoon with a little slide for children and a third pool with a central ‘”mushroom” from which begins three slides for children.
Web Site: Park Club

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For family or couples but sure for fun, you will find in this parks rope bridges, free climbing natural or artificial, itineraries and paths inside the nature.
Treja Adventure (In the nature reserve of Monte Gelato) You will have the opportunity to venture into the woods, to be suspended on trees using ropes to do a real acrobatic path that consist on walkways over rope bridges and wooden platforms.
Web Site: Adventure Treja
Adventure Park (Lido Di Ostia – Rome) Play and fun for fans of adventure. And, for lovers of strong emotions, artificial climbing walls, jumping from great heights and numerous itineraries in contact with nature.
Web Site: Adventure Park 
Quercus Village
Immersed in the beautiful forest of Macchia Grande of Manziana there’s this beautiful adventure park, designed for those who like to engage in exciting locations such as the rope bridge or rock climbing. Also there is the opportunity to perform various activities related to the environment such as excursions by mountain bike, rented directly to the park, walks, tours of the forest but also the most adrenaline activities such as tree climbing or survival courses.
Web Site: Quercus Village
Adventure Park of Gianola (Riviera of Ulysses) In the beatiful natural park of Gianola and Mount of Scauri, lies an adventure park called “Suspended Park” which is currently managed by The Riviera di Ulisse Regional Park in collaboration with the Esperia section of the Italian Alpine Club.
Web Site:: Park of Gianola
Fagus Park (Leonessa – Rieti) This environmental education center takes place in a beautiful natural setting where you can play and have fun climbing the trees, crossing bridges and living in contact with nature in complete safety.
Web Site: Fagus park
Indiana Park Riva Dei Tarquini (Riva dei Tarquini – Viterbo) This park offers trails of varying difficulty in which you can climb trees, go from the foliage of a tree to the next and slip up along cable cars in safety.
Web Site: Indiana Park

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The Valmontone Fashion District Outlet is situated about 60 kms far from Rome downtown, running along the Roma-Napoli motorway, in the green area of the Castelli Romani. With 6 million visitors for a year, it’s the most visited Factory Outlet in Italy. It’s a part of the “Rome-Valmontone Integrated Tourist District”. Fashion District Valmontone Outlet features various architectural styles, ranging from the American Art Déco style of the Forties to the houses of old-world Europe or the warmth of the pure Mediterranean style. It has 170 stores, 3.500 parking spaces that cover a commercial area of 45.000 sqmt.
Rainbow MagicLand is an amazing playground park located in Valmontone, one of the main towns in the outskirts of Rome, about 60 km from the city center, along the line Rome – Naples. It ‘s a big theme park a few kilometers from Rome. The park covers a total area of 600,000 square meters and its features is intended to compete with the major Italian and European theme parks. The park is divided into 28 themed areas, 6 of which are inspired by some well-known characters from the Rainbow Group to children such as: Winx Fairies, Monster Allergy, the adventurer and Huntik PopPixie. The park is part of the Integrated Tourism Polo Rome – Valmontone which covers an area of 1,500,000 square meters and includes and includes Valmontone Fashion District Outlet. The opening of Rainbow Magicland was in May 2011.

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Near Rome going in the south direction there are the Monti Simbruini (the mountains of Rome).
This is a protected area of the Apennines, with two thousand meter high summits, vast beech tree woodlands, large karstic plateaus, spring waters (“sub imbribus”, under the rain), scattered with small towns (the seven Park Municipalities) rich in ancient historical and artistic evidences. The regional park of Simbruini Mountains covers an area of 30,000 hectares between the Aniene valley in the west/north-west, the Sacco valley in the south-west, the border with Abruzzi in the east and Ernici Mountains in the south-east.
Famous cities around are: Camerata Nuova, Subiaco, Filettino, Trevi nel Lazio and Vallepietra. Moreover there are the area of Arcinazzo for its plateaus.
Subiaco and Vallepietra for instance are known because monasteries are there and is a good area for skiing too such as Monte Livata, as well as for Filettino in the area of Campo Staffi.

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The park of Monsters of Bomarzo was devised by the architect Pirro Ligorio (he completed the Cathedral of Saint Peter in Rome after the death of Michelangelo and built Villa d’Este in Tivoli) on commision of Prince Pier Francesco Orsini (1523-1585), called Vicino, only to vent the heart broken at the death of is wife Giulia Farnese (+1560).
The park was born in 1552 as “Villa of Wonders” to be the only one of it’s kind in the world. The Park of Monsters remained in oblivion till 1954 when it was
bought by Mr Giovanni Bettini who with loving care has managed it. A visit to the park will unfold in a series of stages ranging between mythology and fantasy.
There are 24 works of art even though many more are contained in the park.: The Entry – The ‘Ninfeo’ – Ceres – Etruscan bench – Proteus  Glaucus – Venus – The elephant – The cerberes – The Mausoleum – The Theatre – The Dragon – Proserpina – Herculus e Cacus – Hanging House – The Ogre (or Orc) – Echidna and Furia – The Turtle – Neptune – The cantaro –  The ‘rotonda – ‘The Pegasus – The Nymph – Jupiter – The temple

The park is open all year long from 8.00 a.m. until sunset .
Entrace fees :  individual 9,00 Euro – children from 4 to 8 years 7,00 Euro
For more information on prices and special opening hours, contact directly the park on +39-761924029.

Suggested accomodation for this area: BOMARZO Village

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