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At Genzano, not so far from Rome just 30 km and close with Lake Nemi , every year more than two centuries in the month of infiorata-genzanoJune it’s the Flower Festival which is an immense floral carpet stretching, composed of several paintings, which covers 2000 square meters starting from Via Italo Belardi.
To make the paintings as well as plant species also takes 350,000 flowers, the petals are used by individuals prepare the flowers as the colors in a palette by painters.
The event is made ​​up of several parts, starting from the collection of flower and plant essences to the final design situated a ground.
Historically, the Flower Festival is a festival closely related to the Christian celebration of Corpus Christi and its origins date back to the thirteenth century.
In fact, June 29, 1625 in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome to give more prestige to the Feast of St. Peter and Paul, began the tradition of decorating the church with flowers arranged in mosaic.
The Flower Festival in Genzano, however, stands out from the other flower shows both the large size of his paintings is for the evocative scenic context of seventeenth-century Italian Via Berardi.
The origin dates back to around dell’Infiorata Genzano in 1778 the official year of the beginning of this event.
From the end of the 800 Infiorata had a substantial transformation: the creation of floral carpets was no longer provided only to the inhabitants of this single street, but the entire local community.
In the course of its history the Genzano Flower Festival has been visited by many famous people such as Andersen, N. Gogol, Antonio Colarieti, Massimo D’Azeglio, August Bournonville.
Over the centuries, the Flower Festival in Genzano from popular local event has become an international event of art.


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