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Cinecittà counts for the largest film studio in Europe, spreading over an area of 40 hectares with its 22 stages, 2 Fotoc23permanent tents, 300 dressing rooms and offices, 21 makeup areas and a 7,000 square meters outdoor tank.
All dreams can come true in Cinecittà. The studios represent the most important reference point for a large and diverse target market: the national cinec1and international cinema, television, commercials, video and photo shootings.
Thanks to the strategic location, just cinec39 km from the centre of Rome, a few steps from the metro station, the highway and the airports of the city, it can be reached easily by production companies, suppliers, customers, tourists or anyone else interested in “taking a look at the Dream Factory that lies beyond these walls.”
Cinecittà Studios then include Cinecittà Digital Factory, created at the beginning of 2009 to serve the Post Production market at its best, is a cinec4company incorporated in Cinecittà Studios.
The important level of specialization, the continuous improvement of production workflows and to the high level of investments in the latest technologies, make Digital Factory today the Post Production center of excellence in Italy, known overall Europe, able to offer a complete, coherent and logical system of post production services for feature film and broadcasts releases.
Cinecittà Digital Factory provides the most advanced Post Production Services, including the Digital Film Laboratory, the centre for all Digital Post Production: actually, the perfect mix between our high quality laboratory for developing and printing and the new Digital Department which offers the ost sophisticated digital technologies, market leader in the Digital Intermediate arena with more  than 120 movies processed since 2002.

Get more informations at: http://www.cinecittastudios.it/

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From April 2003, you can admire the view of Rome from the Tiber, immersed in the busboatheart of the Eternal City, in a single environment, to live an unforgettable experience. A high quality tourist product, sponsored by the Municipality of Rome, which can be considered one of the biggest news of international tourism.
It’s a great way to enjoy Rome and move effortlessly around the city, especially in high season. The combined ticket offers a perfectly planned route of Rome’s major sites coupled with the absolute freedom to alight and re-board the bus or boat as you wish for a 48-hour validity.
This combined ticket offers to the customers to purchase a special option including:
48-hour ticket hop-on hop-off Rome Open Tour
48-hour ticket Tourist River Tiber Cruise
Buy the tickets on www.battellidiroma.com

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After more than twenty years of waiting, the capital’s new Planetarium is a reality, and planetarioroma4at a particularly happy time for the spreading of Italian astronomy, as a planetarioroma2number of new structures extend across all of the nation. Rome’s Planetarium was established in 1928, among the first in Europe, and closed at the beginning of the 1980s, when the historic Octagonal Hall of the Exedra of the Baths of Diocletian, was made over to other uses. The new planetarium reopened in a different building in May 2004, thanks to the iZeiss Totalenterest of the Office of Cultural Politics of the Municipality, the Lazio Region and the University of La Sapienza.

planetarioroma1The Planetarium was established within the buildings of the Museum of Roman Culture in EUR and provided with a new technologically advanced projector, which replaced the old Zeiss II model. In a series of adjacent rooms, an Astronomical Museum was developed with models, planetary dioramas and multimedia stations, which integrate the cultural and educational aspect of the planetarium. The Planetarium and the Astronomical Museum function as mutually complementary structures, furnishing the stimuli of interweaving questions and answers, at many different levels of understanding. The association with the Museum of Roman Culture, meanwhile, aims to illuminate the static (and amazing) archaeological displays with a new light, introducing scientific and technological stimuli, playing with the contrast between ancient and modern. This underlines how scientific and astronomical culture can, and should, be inserted into a historical context, and how a multidisciplinary perspective, which overcomes the dichotomy between the physical sciences and the humanities, should be privileged.

From its inauguration, the new Planetarium of Rome engaged in educational activities designed for schools and it has continuously increased its efforts to diffuse scientific and astronomical culture to the general public of Rome, organising major events and transforming it ever more into a lively place, where to return more than once and learn, is also an entertainment. It is learning without “studying”, in the traditional sense of the word: it is always a journey, which arouses curiosity and pleasure, through the three concepts of time, space and the origin of the elements which make up the world in which we live.

Conceived as a real “Astronomical Theatre”, the Planetarium and the Museum offer not only a dense program of displays for schools and the general public, but also show animations for children. These are extremely interdisciplinary, involving music, theatre and direct observation of the skies, without ever forgetting the hard kernel of science. There are also continual additions on current hot topics in astrophysics, and ample space given over to the historical heritage of the astronomical discipline.

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For family, teenager and for fun you will find swimming pools, water slides, streams passable by canoe, whirlpool baths, ocean waves, Toboggan and Kamikaze those are the fantastic attraction of aquatic parks in latium!

Zoomarine (Torvaianica – Rome)
A marine park situated in Lazio’s seacoast and far 25 Km from Rome. Zoomarine, inaugurated in 2005, inspires at Sea World american parks: water shows, educational proposal, swimming pools with slides, rides and more over. Every day Zoomarine offers to the public six different shows: the island of dolphins, the bay of pinnipeds, the wood of parrots, the land of raptors and the galleon of plunders.
Web Site: Zoomarine

Hydromania (Casal Lumbroso – Rome)
You’ll find swimming pools, water slides and water games. The attractions of the park are the kamikaze, the Tobbogan, the water slides and the swimming pool with artificial waves. The park offers the opportunity to spend a relaxing and a refreshing day.
Web Site: Hydromania

Aquafelix (Civitavecchia – Rome)
Swimming pools, water slides, streams passable by canoe, hydro, water games, rides and shows. You can spend wonderful days in the sun or under the shade of trees in a hilly area located a few meters from the sea.
Web Site: Acquafelix

Aquapiper (Guidonia – Rome)
One of the biggest aquatic park in Italy. Olympic swimming pools with ocean waves, water slides, whirlpool baths, children’s pool and playrooms. Free Parking.
Web Site:Acquapiper

Acquapark (Itri – Latina)
The park allows you to combine a hilly setting with the sea view. Swimming pools, water slides, fountains, sun beds and umbrellas are available for you to spend an unforgettable day.
Web Site:Acquapark

Scivosplash (Latina)
An aquatic park just a few minutes from the center of Latina. The hotel has a pool, a lagoon baby, numerous water slides, a whirlpool bath, a relaxation pool, a sunroof and a staff of animation.
Web Site: Scivosplash

Miami Beach (Latina)
To enjoy yourself and having fun during the summertime ther’s Miami Beach, an aquatic park just outside the city of Latina at only 30 minutes by car from the Rome and 20 minutes from Circeo.
The structure is a part of a complex distributed in 3 areas which covers an area of 100,000 square meters.
Web Site: Miami Beach

Hawaii Park (Cassino)
This park is adjacent to ‘”Hotel Rocca”. You can find a wave pool, an olympic pool, two pools dedicated to children, a multi-track to go with rubber boats, two Toboggans, a Kamikaze and so on.
Web Site : Hawaii Park

Park Club (Frosinone)
This park is open every day of the year thanks to swimming and tennis lessons. During the summer is a great aquatic park called “Aquapark Ciociaria”and has typical attractions such as Kamikaze, three Tobbogan Slides (2 open air and one fully closed) and another small Kamikaze dedicated to the childern. In addition to the classical wave pool, there is cute lagoon with a little slide for children and a third pool with a central ‘”mushroom” from which begins three slides for children.
Web Site: Park Club

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For family or couples but sure for fun, you will find in this parks rope bridges, free climbing natural or artificial, itineraries and paths inside the nature.
Treja Adventure (In the nature reserve of Monte Gelato) You will have the opportunity to venture into the woods, to be suspended on trees using ropes to do a real acrobatic path that consist on walkways over rope bridges and wooden platforms.
Web Site: Adventure Treja
Adventure Park (Lido Di Ostia – Rome) Play and fun for fans of adventure. And, for lovers of strong emotions, artificial climbing walls, jumping from great heights and numerous itineraries in contact with nature.
Web Site: Adventure Park 
Quercus Village
Immersed in the beautiful forest of Macchia Grande of Manziana there’s this beautiful adventure park, designed for those who like to engage in exciting locations such as the rope bridge or rock climbing. Also there is the opportunity to perform various activities related to the environment such as excursions by mountain bike, rented directly to the park, walks, tours of the forest but also the most adrenaline activities such as tree climbing or survival courses.
Web Site: Quercus Village
Adventure Park of Gianola (Riviera of Ulysses) In the beatiful natural park of Gianola and Mount of Scauri, lies an adventure park called “Suspended Park” which is currently managed by The Riviera di Ulisse Regional Park in collaboration with the Esperia section of the Italian Alpine Club.
Web Site:: Park of Gianola
Fagus Park (Leonessa – Rieti) This environmental education center takes place in a beautiful natural setting where you can play and have fun climbing the trees, crossing bridges and living in contact with nature in complete safety.
Web Site: Fagus park
Indiana Park Riva Dei Tarquini (Riva dei Tarquini – Viterbo) This park offers trails of varying difficulty in which you can climb trees, go from the foliage of a tree to the next and slip up along cable cars in safety.
Web Site: Indiana Park

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The PIETRO MICCA is the oldest italian triple-expansion steam-powered merchant ship and is in a class of her own for her state of preservation and operational performance, having been engaged in regular port activities on a par with modern tugs until 1993.

She was built as a sea-going steam tugboat by Rennoldson & Son, in Southshields, Newcastle (GB) and in 1905 was registered as a steam-powered tug, Schooner Class, in the Coastal Sector Register in Naples, in whose waters she was to spend most of her days.

A life fulfilled in the world of work and all that it entails: ships and seamen from distant lands with tales and legends of cargoes and the knowledge that a frayed cable could cost lives, that a tow badly aligned could cause a ship to capsize. It is memories like these which amply justify the over a century aged Pietro Micca’s honest pride.

And even today she has not been pensioned off. At the beginning of 1996 she was bought by the “Associazione Amici delle Navi a Vapore G. L. Spinelli” (the G.L. Spinelli “Friends of Steamships Association”), in order to save a part of our cultural heritage from certain demolition and make her still valid services available to the public.
The Pietro Micca is always ready and waiting to put to sea again to work for her future, as historical witness of the old technology. Nowadays the Pietro Micca is mooring in Fiumicino (Rome) inside the TECNOMAR shipyard and ready for new adventures.

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Other amazing experinces to do in Rome are the Tram Restaurant and tha Tram Jazz.
The Tram Restaurant
does not only have daily scheduled departures in the city centre, it also can be rented for exclusive use, for surprise parties, business lunch or meetings, weddings, birthdays, christenings, graduation parties and many other forms of entertainment. So it will be possible to offer to one’s guests a nice surprise, the only one in its kind, organized in an original way and in a very careful and comfortable atmosphere.
The tram are provides you with all the confort: air conditioned/heating, toilet, CD stereo system and microphone, kitchen with refrigerator, washbasin and top support and chest of drawers wardrobe.
Possible routes starting from Porta Maggiore go trough Coliseum or Piazza delle Belle Arti.
Doing Tram Jazz a
romantic night city tour taking place on a tramway coach from the twenties would drive the visitors through the most charming scenarios of Rome.
The dinner, prepared with tipically dop and igp italian food together with the best Latium wines, will be served during an intermezzo a Parco del Celio with the exclusive sightseeing of the Colosseo by night.
The entire journey will be accompanied by the most beautiful arias of the opera performed by professional lyrical artists. Each days differents artist playing songs with piano, sax, guitars, trumpets, drums, clarinets and contrabass.

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From April 2003, you can admire the view of Rome from the Tiber, immersed in the heart of the Eternal City, in a single environment, to live an unforgettable experience taking the boats that across our city river. A tourist product, sponsored by the Municipality of Rome, which can be considered an important news of international tourism in Rome. The boats do the following itineraries:

  • Hop-on Hop-off Cruise – Ticket 15,00 Euro/person
  • Dinner cruise – Ticket 58,00 Euro/person
  • Wine Bar cruise – Ticket 39,00 Euro/person

The starting point of boarding  along the Tiber are: Ponte Nenni, Ponte Sant’Angelo and Isola Tiberina. The boats are:

Rea Silvia
Scope passengers: 66 (types of proceedings: armchairs), Broken down depending on the type of product: 66 seats for cruises commented From 45 to 66 seats for dinner (in tables 4 / 5 or 6 people)
• Services: toilets, bar, plant for voice and music piped sound

Agrippina Maggiore:
Scope passengers: 50 (types of proceedings: armchairs and chairs) Broken down depending on the type of product: 35 seats for cruises commented diurnal 50 seats up for dinner (tables 2 or 4 people)
• Services: toilets, bar, plant voice and music.
Passenger Flow: 170/180 (types of proceedings: benches) 75 seats covered in the hall (4 for 16 central tables and benches people perimeter boat without tables 50 upper deck seats discovered (with tables) 45 posts discovered bow / stern perimeter lower deck
• Services: toilet, point refreshment bar with voice and music facility, access for disabled

• Scope passengers: 120 (types of sessions: chairs oriented back / front)
• Services: planting voice

Livia Drusilla

• Services: Voice and music facility, access for disabled

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