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The history of the company Gentilini is the story of a small workshop that has become well established in the national gentilini-biscottiand international scene , thanks to the genuine passion of the family Gentilini and the continuous quest for quality.
The promoter is Pietro Gentilini . He was born in Vergato , in 1856. He has worked for major companies where he could enrich his education and his professionalism . After these experiences , he moved to Rome, where in 1890 he founded his first shop for the production of bread and biscuits.
During this period he produced the first type of cookie called Oswego which became very popular in Italy . Peter immediately realized the potential of this cookie and wanted to find a better recipe for this cookie and personalized . After several attempts , he managed to produce a cookie with a taste simple and natural, but only one, and called it Osvego , so as to differentiate it from Oswego who was already on the market.
These cookies were a great success and in 1906 Pietro Gentilini built his first biscuit factory in Via Alessandria in Rome’s industrial emerging economic recovery in Rome.
In 1958 , due to increased production demands , the company moved to its current location , situated in Via Tiburtina .
Today there are many products in addition to Osvego with successful products , such as Novices , biscuits, delicious shortbread cookies , panettone and Roman Delight loved for their authenticity.

Photo Gallery of the products:

The authenticity and genuineness that is in recipes and in the production process has remained unchanged for over a century. In fact, the passion for quality , while maintaining the traditional tastes and respect for tradition are always the basic rules of business Gentilini .


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Casina di Poggio della Rota is a luxury villa for your wedding ceremony and reception in Italy. In the heart of the most beautiful countryside, casina-poggio-dellarotajust a glance from Rome, comfort and elegance combine with the perfect organization.
We are proud to offer to our clients either an official civil ceremony with legal validity to be performed in our Villa or a religious ceremony to be performed in the 15th century church steps away from the property. The ceremonies are private and personalized and will be arranged at the same venue as your accommodations and your dinner reception. This is the perfect way to keep the event nice, intimate and stress free. Your reception cocktails and elegant or informal dinner are in the same ceremony site which can be the garden or terrace with view of our Villa.
Every request is expediently handled starting from the first contact. Our professional staff will support you in organizing the civil or religious wedding, taking tare of all the legal procedures.
Casina di Poggio della Rota is open for visit and information every Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am to 1:00pm without appointment.

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Historic House nestles on the slopes at the gates of Rome, Grand Hotel Villa Tuscolana is a prestigious setting where you can organize frascati-villa-tuscolanaMeetings, Incentives, Conferences, Weddings and charmy Events surrounded by an elegant atmosphere and by a stunning panoramic view of the Eternal City.
The villa, built by the family Rufini in ‘600, stands on the ruins of the ancient home of Marcus Tullius Cicero, and is currently one of the most remarkable examples of monumental and historic stately mansions. The following century it was enlarged by the great architect Luigi Vanvitelli, famous for the design of the Reggia di Caserta.
7 meeting rooms offer the perfect solution for every type of conference, business meetings, parties. Every meeting room is different from the other, they are modernly equipped and allow to host large-scale events by providing customized solutions.
Outdoor gardens are charmy settings for fashion shows, road shows and any event whom you want to give a strong visual impact.
Lympha SPA want to celebrate myths and legends of “Lymphae Commotiles”, and it’s located on the heart of the villa.
The water that magically appears under the vaulted ceiling, is a tribute to Lymphae commotiles and their ability to flow, transform and create new sublime and ecstatic suggestions.
Well hidden inside the shells, there are pearls .. precious pearls, pure and unique!

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The Estate of San Liberato, property of the Counts Sanminiatelli, is known as a Location of the few that meet in one place all the sanliberatorequirements inherent in events and weddings in particular; San Liberato has the characteristic and exclusivity to offer a structure that has the advantage of including a wonderful Romanesque church dating from the ninth century, consecrated, one of the most famous botanical gardens of Europe and a banquet room that can accommodate up to 200 guests entirely immersed in nature and which offers a beautiful lake view.
The Church of San Liberato is one of the few churches in Lazio to have the characteristic structure of an altar raised, feature that enhances the uniqueness of religious ceremony.
At the end of the ceremony the guests will be offered the opportunity to be accompanied by our expert guides in the Botanical Park, designed by renowned landscape architect Russell Page, along the most picturesque corners of the park lost in the wonderful view of Bracciano Lake.
The reception area can serve buffet of starters in the garden and then continue the dinner in the gazebo, one large structure entirely made of wood and glass with every comfort and finished in every detail.
For Catering service we offer trust company selected by us, chosen by decades of collaboration, with menu suggestions that start from 80 euros per person.
In addition to the fantastic facilities also offers a wide range of accurate services satisfying any need, advantage of the collaboration of experienced professionals who offer high quality work, including floral arrangements, music for the ceremony and reception services, photo studios, video services.
For Catering service we offer trust company selected by us, chosen by decades of collaboration, with menu suggestions.

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Casina dominates Rome, Colli Albani and the wonderful back-drop of the Monti Lucretili. A discreet Hospitality, an impressive and particular casina_di_macchia_madamaatmosphere, the high professionality, the faultless style of work, the avant-garde installations, make it an ideal place for every important event.
Casina di Macchia Madama has several Halls for Cocktails, Parties, Weddings, Meetings, Conferences, Congresses, special events with an inner Receptivity of 400 persons that can even grow up until 1500 in the wonderful enlightened park. Casina has also many modern kitchen systems. The same attention and care that brought the name of Vanni Family at High levels for what concerns Bar and Refreshing, We can also find it in the field of Catering.
Meeting Halls are multifunctional and have the most advanced equipments for every Happening. Two Huge Parking areas allow a rapid access to the villa.

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Brancaccio Palace is the last Roman Patrician Palace built in 1880 in the heart of the eternal city, Rome. Located on Colle Oppio, near Emperor palazzo-brancaccioNero’s,”Domus Aurea” and the seven hills, between Colosseum and the famous Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.
Princess Mary Elisabhet Field, american wife of Salvatore Brancaccio, in 1879 relied on architect Gaetano Koch the construction of the palace situated in a beautiful natural old park between roman ruins, centuries old plants and fountains, mixed by vegetable essence.
In the Park you can also admire the small and charming Hunting Lodge turned into a Coffee House, rich of decorations and painted by Francesco Gay.
Inside the Palace you can fild anchanting banquet rooms where Mary Elisabeth Field gave magnificent sumptuous parties also in honour of the King Umberto of Savoy. The same halls in 1969 have been completely restored and reserved for unforgettable private and public manifestations by the Roma Party Company that for more than 30 years has the honour to manage this artistic patrimony. Many important multinational firms are faithful customers. Today this Palace is considered as one of the most beautiful venue in Rome, where getting together is to find again the plasure for living.

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We advise the following pastry shops in Rome to try and taste:

  • TRICOLORE in Monti District
  • GHIMENTI in Via Jenner
  • ROMOLI in Viale Libia
  • PANIFICIO MOSCA Prati District
  • BOCCIONE in Portico d’Ottavia – The Jewish area – Notes: On Sundays, lines for this historic kosher bakery spill out far into the piazza. Customers queue up for biscottini (cinnamon and almond biscotti), pizza ebraica (a sort of fruit cake made with almonds, pine nuts, raisins and candied fruit) and ricotta cakes
  • POMPI in Piazza Re di Roma
  • REGOLI close with Piazza Vittorio Emanuele – Notes: Romans flock here to fill their sweet tooth with maritozzi (sweet buns filled with whipped cream), bavaresi and torte di fragoline (cake with chantilly cream and wild strawberries).
  • BOCCA DI DAMA San Lorenzo District
  • VALZANI in Trastevere
  • FORNO FERDINANDO Testaccio District
  • CIPRIANI Esquilino District


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We have choosen some tours that you will enjoy staying in Rome. If you like to get more informations for them please fill the form on the bottom of this web-page. Tina&Adriano will give you all support you like to get.

Hop On-Hop Off Bus:
hop onThe buses drive contiunuously by the city’s most important monument.               Get On and Off when and wherever you please. You will find them puntually at all 11 stops of the bus route from 8.45 am to 8.15 pm 7 days a week.               On board, a very informative audioguide of 13 languages will help you understand the incredible history and the splendour of the art that make Rome a unique city.

Vatican Museums – Sistine Chapel – St.Peters Basilica:. The Vatican Museums vaticancontain masterpieces of painting, sculpture and other works of art collected by the popes trough the centuries. The museum include several monumental works of art, such as the Sistine Chapel and the Raphaels rooms. Professional tour guides will lead you through an unforgettable trip of art.

Ancient Rome Colosseum – Palatine Hill – Roman Forum: Take a complete tour of ancient Rome’s major sites and skip the lines for the archeological area. Gain your special access to the colosseumColosseum and once inside, breath the bloody past of the anphitheatre. Let’s admire the splendid Arc of Constantine, climb the Palatine Hill and stomp on the legendary Via Sacra (Sacred Way).

Christian Rome and Catacombs: Join the group at the meeting point and discover great basilicas as St.Mary the Major and St.John Lateran. Visit the catacombs, labyrints of catacombsunderground tunnels that were used by Christians to hide during the persecution times and as burial places, in a unique journey trough history.

Rome Surroundings Tivoli and its Villas: Join the group at the meeting point and visit Tivoli,
an ancient resort area renowed for its beauty and its good water, enriched by many roman villas tivolisuch as Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este. Come to discover the renaissance styled Villa d’Este, a gorgeous palatial setting surrounded by a spectacular terraced garden. Enjoy the beauty of its cascades, water tanks, water jets and fountains.

Tours in Rome by Vespa Calessino: Special remake of the Ape Calessino in 600 pieces: a homge to the history of a unique vehicle and an exclusive proposal for mobility in absolutely chic ape calessinoenvironments. The Ape Calessino is a perfect reinterpretation of the mythical design of the Sixties which brings back to mind the values of radiance that are typical of the Mediterranean. Ape Calessino is the icon of a Lifestyle, the precious symbol of an elegant and exclusive minimalism which escapes wild rhythms in order to recapture the awareness of places, people and friendship. Ape’s traditional features of robustness and manageability, ensured by the reduced turning radius, by manual shift and by the well-tested and robust diesel engine, are enriched by timeless aesthetical solutions  so to be enjoyed and driven with pleasure. The availability tours are: Rome by Night and Rome Panoramic Tour with the same price of 85,00 euro/person (min. 2 persons).

Ancient Rome Aperitif :  What to do in Rome on Friday night? Experience an unforgettable dive in to the past! Hidden in a marvellous site of Rome city center there is an ancient Roman House. Discover aperitifthis out-off the beaten trucks site and taste a unique aperitif based on original recopies 2000 years old. Why ancient? You will visit an original II century A.D. house, extraordinarily well preserved thanks since buried for centuries. Why aperitif? In this ancient house you will experience a range of delicious and taste-ful specialties, our chefs will repeat the recipes of the renowned imperial roman cook Apicius with a variety of wines in ancient roman styles.

Cooking Day with a famous chef : For all italian food lovers! If you are a gourmand, cooking aficionados or a fan homemade cuisine, our cooking tours will like you. In this way you have the opportunity to cookingcombine your holiday with a cooking school by preparing traditional dishes togheter with our teaching chef. You will learn first-hand how to make home made pasta and then tips about cooking art. After class you will eat and enjoy what you have prepared and cheers with local wines.

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