Adriano Cesaretti is a Mountain-Bike Guide licence n°7403 by Accademia Nazionale di Mountainbike. I have set a private Tour by Ebike for couples in Rome and out of Rome along paths in Latium. Price include helmets, insurance, E-bike rental, pick-up and the way back from/to the hotel, energic snacks.
it’s possible to book excursions also for groups up 8 persons.
Get in touch with me for more informations and have a look at my blog for this purpose http://adrianocesaretti.wordpress.com


1385970_562519793818402_1496157164_nWe are a group of enthusiasts who seek weekly outing fun and entertainment.
IMG-20140608-WA0004When we are at the starting point we put aside the everyday problems and have fun with friends along the trails of our beautiful land Lazio. During our meeting we are always looking to discover new routes and heavily we remind the spirit of team leaving free our way of biking. We are not competitive athletes we like to call ourselves athletes of our limits .
Obviously we do not do nature walks, but of course we ride always with the spirit of the group and it’s nice at the end of the trail all of us together sharing a moment of relax.
We organize activities both in our area Ladispoli and Cerveteri. In 2014, we have created a school bike with masters of the FCI
Joining our group does not cost anything, just get a mountain bike, a helmet and a minimal desire to ride and surely you will find a way to have fun with us.
If you want to know more please contact us by e-mail villagebikeclub@gmail.com and we’ll give you all the information you need. Visit also our site Village Bike Club

10150560_10204363121225849_628401826467673021_nRoxy Deva starts from observing nature and its proportions to develope an introspective artistic reflection in which nature itself mirrors and transforms.
She prefers the instability in its perpetual movement and represents it through mixed graphic-digital techniques combined with mathematics.
The intent of the work of Roxy Deva is to make the observer aware of, both conceptually and technically, the motion and the instability of things which are a dominant in our lives.
Her works are born initially from manual drawing, pen graphics and post-processing using mixed digital techniques. They provide a mirror to our world through a dynamic language, on the border between abstraction and figuration.
Since she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, she’s been interested in multimedia and new languages of art.

The Roxy Deva works links are founded in Artrom Network,  Facebook and WordPress as:

francy-tortaFrancesca Speranza is a friends of mine she is a cake-designer and take love and passion from her works.
She said: LEAVE A MARK OF MY PASSAGE. A DIFFERENT MARK…. BECAUSE IT’S MINE . This is the lifemotive that pushes me to experiment with techniques and materials. I was born in Leghorn 36 years ago, but I grew up in the artistic and ancient Rome where I studied Graphic, Illustration and Advertising. The passion for all that is Creative has always been with me … I call it the gift. Drawings drive me to Peter Pan’s Neverland: dreaming and standing for eternal youth, in order to be able to naturally express my emotions. The colors used as transparent veils, a technique taken from porcelain painting, the love for the roses and the perfect combination ART-KITCHEN have been the engine for the project Farina Zerosette, where painting is made on fondant and frosting with food colors and margarine on funds lacquered. A mix of materials and techniques merging two worlds where the imperative is.. Creating!

The site of Francesca is https://www.facebook.com/FarinaZerosette where you can se the referals and images of her talent.

Then have a look and do not forget that we are proud to talk about about our latium citizenz and their handcraft.

The history of the company Gentilini is the story of a small workshop that has become well established in the national gentilini-biscottiand international scene , thanks to the genuine passion of the family Gentilini and the continuous quest for quality.
The promoter is Pietro Gentilini . He was born in Vergato , in 1856. He has worked for major companies where he could enrich his education and his professionalism . After these experiences , he moved to Rome, where in 1890 he founded his first shop for the production of bread and biscuits.
During this period he produced the first type of cookie called Oswego which became very popular in Italy . Peter immediately realized the potential of this cookie and wanted to find a better recipe for this cookie and personalized . After several attempts , he managed to produce a cookie with a taste simple and natural, but only one, and called it Osvego , so as to differentiate it from Oswego who was already on the market.
These cookies were a great success and in 1906 Pietro Gentilini built his first biscuit factory in Via Alessandria in Rome’s industrial emerging economic recovery in Rome.
In 1958 , due to increased production demands , the company moved to its current location , situated in Via Tiburtina .
Today there are many products in addition to Osvego with successful products , such as Novices , biscuits, delicious shortbread cookies , panettone and Roman Delight loved for their authenticity.

Photo Gallery of the products:

The authenticity and genuineness that is in recipes and in the production process has remained unchanged for over a century. In fact, the passion for quality , while maintaining the traditional tastes and respect for tradition are always the basic rules of business Gentilini .

Cinecittà counts for the largest film studio in Europe, spreading over an area of 40 hectares with its 22 stages, 2 Fotoc23permanent tents, 300 dressing rooms and offices, 21 makeup areas and a 7,000 square meters outdoor tank.
All dreams can come true in Cinecittà. The studios represent the most important reference point for a large and diverse target market: the national cinec1and international cinema, television, commercials, video and photo shootings.
Thanks to the strategic location, just cinec39 km from the centre of Rome, a few steps from the metro station, the highway and the airports of the city, it can be reached easily by production companies, suppliers, customers, tourists or anyone else interested in “taking a look at the Dream Factory that lies beyond these walls.”
Cinecittà Studios then include Cinecittà Digital Factory, created at the beginning of 2009 to serve the Post Production market at its best, is a cinec4company incorporated in Cinecittà Studios.
The important level of specialization, the continuous improvement of production workflows and to the high level of investments in the latest technologies, make Digital Factory today the Post Production center of excellence in Italy, known overall Europe, able to offer a complete, coherent and logical system of post production services for feature film and broadcasts releases.
Cinecittà Digital Factory provides the most advanced Post Production Services, including the Digital Film Laboratory, the centre for all Digital Post Production: actually, the perfect mix between our high quality laboratory for developing and printing and the new Digital Department which offers the ost sophisticated digital technologies, market leader in the Digital Intermediate arena with more  than 120 movies processed since 2002.

Get more informations at: http://www.cinecittastudios.it/

Appia Antica Park is a regional protected area gazzeted by regional law n°66 of November 10th 1988.
appia1The Park’s aims are conservation and enhancement of its territory to allow people to enjoy the extraordinary scenic beauty, to learn about and study this fundamental historic, artistic and natural heritage.
The History talk about the consul Appio Claudio gave his name to the route of appia2a new road to reach Campania and then Brindisi. This new road was paved with large smooth stones that fitted together perfectly, laid on a bed appia3of gravel that ensured stability and drainage. This meant that it was viable in any weather and with any means of transport. With this revolutionary technique the Republic and the Empire was to build the vast network of roads throughout the Roman world. The roads are almost always straight, about 4,10m wide, a width that allows two-way traffic, with two footpaths to the side and mileposts. The Appia quickly earnt itself the title of ‘Regina viarum’, the queen of roads.
Numerous burial constructions are to be found along the first few miles of the road in accordance with the law that forbade burial within the holy walls of Pomerio: there are monuments belonging to important families, columbaria built by confraternities who formed to give their members a decent burial and underground cemeteries belonging to ethnic or religious groups. We can see here the stratification of a priceless historic, cultural and artistic heritage.

Th Park offers to visitors a journey through the evolution of its territory from its original landscape to one modified by human presence and settlements to the birth of a great road infrastructure – the most important in ancient times – to the present scenery, the result of the collapse of a great political and social system followed by a long period of decay and decadence recently modified by a more serious approach with efforts to recover, reinstate and safeguard.
The Park territory also includes Valle della Caffarella, with the river Almone running through it. It is the most important scenic element reflecting ancient agricultural use close to the city, but it also has a wealth of important monuments from a variety of periods like the temple of the god Redicolo, the Ninfeo di Egeria, the church of Sant’Urbano, the medieval towers; the Tombe Latine and the Parco degli Acquedotti, with the imposing ruins of the conduits that supplied the city with water.

The landscape is the aspect the natural or man-made elements of a certain territory take. Appia Antica area was directly affected by the Lazio volcano’s activity which began about 600 thousand years ago.
The area was shaped by Capo Bove lava flow which created the flat platform on which the road was built. On top of the volcanic activity came weathering which modified the characteristic undulating aspect.

Casina di Poggio della Rota is a luxury villa for your wedding ceremony and reception in Italy. In the heart of the most beautiful countryside, casina-poggio-dellarotajust a glance from Rome, comfort and elegance combine with the perfect organization.
We are proud to offer to our clients either an official civil ceremony with legal validity to be performed in our Villa or a religious ceremony to be performed in the 15th century church steps away from the property. The ceremonies are private and personalized and will be arranged at the same venue as your accommodations and your dinner reception. This is the perfect way to keep the event nice, intimate and stress free. Your reception cocktails and elegant or informal dinner are in the same ceremony site which can be the garden or terrace with view of our Villa.
Every request is expediently handled starting from the first contact. Our professional staff will support you in organizing the civil or religious wedding, taking tare of all the legal procedures.
Casina di Poggio della Rota is open for visit and information every Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am to 1:00pm without appointment.